Struggling with clutter? TS Cleaning Pros in New Jersey offers compassionate hoarding cleaning services. Our experienced team tackles decluttering & restoration, helping you create a safe, healthy, and organized living space. Breathe easy and regain control. Call today for a fresh start!

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Comprehensive Hoarding Cleanup Services

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Hoarding Cleaning Service by TS Cleaning

Hoarding Cleaning Service by T&S Cleaning Pros

Transformative Hoarding Cleanup Solutions for Serene Living Spaces

Hoarding can create a stressful and unsafe living environment. Excess belongings can lead to difficulty navigating rooms, increased fire hazards, and compromised air quality. If clutter is taking control, TS Cleaning Pros in New Jersey offers compassionate and effective hoarding cleaning services. Our experienced team understands the emotional challenges associated with hoarding. We collaborate with you to develop a personalized plan for decluttering, sanitizing, and restoring your living space. Let us help you create a safe, organized, and serene environment you can truly enjoy.

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Discover a groundbreaking approach to hoarding cleanup with T&S cleaning pros and our innovative 7-Step Hoarding Solution. Tailored to meet your unique needs, our proven techniques encompass clutter cleanup, junk removal, and skilled handyman repairs. Experience a comprehensive solution for all your heavy duty cleaning requirements. With T&S Cleaning Pros, expect a seamless and efficient restoration, offering a one-stop-shop experience for transforming your living space.


You schedule a free assessment, and we come to assess the home, create a customized solution, and give you a quote.

Clutter cleanup & rubbish removal

We sort and clean out the clutter. We use a highly discreet junk removal technique for items you wish to dispose of.

Hoarding space organization

Our professional organizers use special techniques to organize all the items in the hoarding space so that everything is neatly displayed.

Pest Extermination & Treatment

Once the home is clutter-free, our exterminators come in to do pest control and extermination services.

Paint, Repair, and Handy Services

We can add a layer of fresh paint, repair items that have been damaged, and perform handy services in the home. 

Restoration & Construction

Our team performs construction and renovation services for homes that have been damaged, or for a fresh new look.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning Services

Heavy-duty cleaning is performed in the last step of our process, where we clean, disinfect, and remove odor.

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Chanelle Perkins (NELLNELL)
Chanelle Perkins (NELLNELL)
We were so grateful for Rosie's help. She made sure we got our deposit back!
Tiequan Walker
Tiequan Walker
I would recommend T&S to all my friends and family great service quality work im well pleased to have them clean for me any time thank you T&S keep up the good work
Christina Skeen
Christina Skeen
Top notch, careful, detailed service for a home move out/pre closing clean. They even found some jewelry boxes of my mother’s hidden behind a corner in a closet, which my family will always be thankful for. Excellent work, great communication throughout, highly recommend.
Sonali Sharma
Sonali Sharma
I took their services twice. Staff was polite, and passionate about their work. I will always try to trust this company for cleaning services. Thank you so much T&S cleaning pros. You guys are the best.
T'Shina Jones
T'Shina Jones
Great company. Always on time and very professional.

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Proven Hoarding Cleanup: Our experienced team at TS Cleaning Pros (NJ) restores order & peace of mind.

All of our employees are carefully screened and highly trained professionals out to give you a first-class cleaning service.

We are committed to using environmentally-friendly cleaning products and practices to keep your home safe and protected.

We are fully insured and bonded providers of house and office moving cleaning services.

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