About Us

Leave the cleaning to us we'll make your home shine.

Offers a wide range of services, including post-construction cleaning, moving house cleaning, and office cleaning.

5-star cleaning services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Dedicated to providing extraordinary house cleaning services and office cleaning services to clients in New Jersey and New York.

Able to handle any size job, no matter how demanding.

Edison office cleaning service by T&S cleaning Pros NJ

Our Mission

T&S Cleaning Pros is committed to creating a sustainable, healthy, and germ-free environment at your workspace and your home with our professional commercial and residential cleaning services.

Our Vision

T&S Cleaning Pros strives to become the leading service provider in our service areas by providing excellent customer service and high-quality cleaning services.


T&S Cleaning Pros has provided cleaning services to more than 1700 residential properties, commercial office spaces, and industrial properties within our service area, some of which are as large as 360,000 square feet. This could not have been accomplished without the experience, expertise, and teamwork of our dedicated staff.

Guaranteed quality service

Our friendly, professional, and dedicated staff go over and above the call of duty to leave your space sparkling clean, just the way you like it. We are fully-insured & bonded.
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Why Choose Us

Our mission is to become the leading provider of house and office cleaning services in New Jersey & New York; something we recognize is only attainable through strong customer focus, effective communication, and, most importantly, building trust.


We don't compete over price

We are committed to providing excellent customer service. We want our customers to feel like they are our top priority, and we will go out of our way to make sure that they are happy with our services.


Guaranteed quality service

We go above and beyond the standard cleaning checklist. In addition to basic cleaning tasks, we also offer a variety of specialized services, such as deep cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and window cleaning.


Our clients ❤ referring us

Investing in quality work is essential for building a strong reputation. When you consistently deliver high-quality work, your clients are more likely to recommend you to others. This can help you to attract new business and grow your company.


We are serious about feedback

Commitment to every task, Team work Feedback is the breakfast of champions. As T &S Pros, we seriously ensure all our clients are satisfied with our services. This is why we are top-rated cleaning service at different platforms.

Our Team

We knew that exceptional service starts with a well-supported workforce, hence why we have always recruited the best team members to serve our customer base.

At T&S Cleaning Pros LLC we equip our professionals with the products and skills to exceed and excel and we rigorously vet all of our employees with strict background checks and detailed in person interviews.

Our team is committed to serve you to the best of their ability, whether you are a small or big company, we have the right team of trained professionals who are ready to help.

Government Capability

Mercer County office cleaning service by T&S Cleaning Pros NJ


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What is 5+5?

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We try to rise by lifting others.

At T&S Cleaning Pros LLC we continuously seek to make efforts that can help us bring a 😊 to the face of our fellow brothers and sisters.

Charity work in Africa

The women of Balam, Africa must use the traditional method of grinding rice with pestles and mortars every day to meet their daily needs. This process is physically exhausting for them and often results in blisters on their hands.

To alleviate this burden, T & S Cleaning Pros LLC purchased a three-in-one grinding machine (capable of grinding rice, coffee, and corn) and donated it to a women’s cooperative in the village of Balam through a reliable aid organization.

The locals welcomed the machine with open arms and even celebrated it as a small event. Their joy was contagious and we were thrilled to have made a positive impact.

The aid organization shared photos and videos of the donation event with us, and we are delighted to share a few of them here with you.

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